2 Ways To Incorporate Wood And Metal Elements Into Your Deck Railings

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

You have just renovated your backyard by having a wooden deck installed. You have children, pets, and elderly loved ones who will enjoy your new patio. However, you are torn between using wood and metal material to use for railing. Here is a thought. Why not use a combination of both? Here are 2 trending ways to incorporate both wooden and metal material for your new patio deck railings.

Wooden Frame with Cable In-fills

One way to incorporate both wood and metal elements into your railing design is by choosing a wooden-framed railing with metal cable as an in-fill. Offering both durability and unmatched aesthetics, this type of “hybrid” railing system will wow your family and guests without sacrificing safety.

Pre-designed Metal Railings

Another trending way to incorporate both metal and wood elements into your new patio deck is by acquiring pre-designed metal railings. Pre-designed metal railing offers convenience as they can be quickly installed. They are typically made from carbon and stainless steel materials. Installing pre-designed metal railings will accentuate and emphasize the type of wood that was used during the construction of your wooden deck.

Expert Professionals

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