3 Signs it is Time for New Garage Doors

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Garage Door

How important your garage door is to you is directly related to how often you use the door. Whether you use the garage to protect your vehicles from the elements or you use the garage as storage, a fully-functioning garage door matters, and if it is time for Garage Door Replacement Evanston, professionals are available to complete the task.

Here are three signs it is time for new garage doors.


Your garage door, like your house, experiences the harsh effects of the elements. Over time, the paint will fade. It can also develop cracks in the paint and material. If your garage begins to look tired, you can revamp it as a DIY project or you can replace it with a new door. Purchasing a new door offers several benefits including the opportunity to purchase one that is more technologically advanced.


As soon as you notice that the garage door is slow to open, makes noises as it opens or jams as it is trying to open, it is time to make a decision. Sometimes, slowness to open, noises and jams can be repaired with replacement parts or oil. If you take a look at what is going on with the garage door and see that the repairs are going to be too expensive, it is time to consider purchasing a new door, instead.

Increase in Utility Bills

When you notice an uptick in your utility bills, you should find out what caused it. If fees and prices have not changed, it could be that air is entering and escaping at inopportune times. Your garage door can very well be the culprit. If it is no longer acting as a sealant, it is time for a new door.

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