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5 Reasons Commercial Hand Dryers Will Make You Smile

Businesses everywhere are switching to commercial hand dryers in their bathrooms. Depending on a company’s needs, a business owner might give you one of many reasons why making this switch was beneficial to them. Electric hand dryers have evolved a lot over the last ten years, and their benefits extend beyond meeting the needs of businesses. Over time, regular use of electric hand dryers can have positive impacts on the environment and public health. Here are five reasons why using electric hand dryers might make you smile.

1. Customer-Centric

How many times have you used a public bathroom that ran out of paper towels? Forced to shake your hands dry, you’ve left the bathroom, entering the outside world with cold, wet hands. Though it may seem like a minor inconvenience, people remember experiences like these. You can eliminate the possibility of creating this situation for your customers by installing a hand dryer.

2. Cost-Effective

Though the initial cost of purchasing a commercial hand dryer may cost more than a roll of paper towels, the money it saves, in the end, may be worth it. Installing a hand dryer eliminates the need to purchase paper towel refills month after month. In addition, you no longer have the labor costs associated with refilling paper towel stations. Lastly, the average hand dryer uses about 0.03 kwh per use. Over the course of a month, the bill for this energy vastly undercuts the cost of most paper towel orders.

3. Creates Less Waste

People use about two paper towels per bathroom visit and not every paper towel makes it into the trashcan. Reduce clean-up and waste by providing customers with a waste-free solution.

4. More Sanitary

The bathroom is a particularly high-risk place for the transmission of certain viruses and bacteria. E.coli and norovirus are examples of high risk contaminate because of the nature of their transmission. You can reduce the risk of your customers transmitting these illnesses by reducing the number of surfaces they touch during the hand-washing process. Commercial hand dryers do exactly that.

5. More Sustainable

A popular reason businesses are switching to hand dryers is that they have a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the environment. According to, paper towel production transportation and disposal produce 56g in emissions every year, while hand dryers produce between 9g and 40g.

Hand dryers save business owners money and can be more convenient for customers. In addition, they offer many environmental benefits. That should give you a few good reasons to smile. For more details, visit