7 Ways to Fully Utilize Natural Stone Veneers to Enhance your Home Design

by | May 28, 2019 | Stone Supplier

Natural stone veneer is the perfect product to update the look of your home as it can be easily used to cover up old materials. See below seven ways you can refresh your home design with this product:

  1. Revamp your fireplace with natural stone veneers.
  2. Update your mantle.
  3. Use natural stone veneer as a decorative element in your master bathroom or bedroom.
  4. Apply it to your kitchen backsplash or add it to the wall behind your oven to create a focal point in your dining area.
  5. Renovate an old plant ledge with natural stone veneers.
  6. Add texture to your kitchen window ledges.
  7. Create a textured focal point or a mosaic design for any of your living.

At Stonehardscapes, we have different sizes of stone veneers available. You could choose from mosaic arrangements or alternating, brick-style types of arrangements.

We also offer many color options. If you prefer warmer tones, we have golden, beige, ivory and brown shades available. If you are looking for cool tones, we also have gray, bluish and off-white tones stone veneers.

We look forward to helping you upgrade your home design with natural stone veneers. Whether you want to remodel your indoor or outdoor living areas, we have the right choices for all your natural stone veneer needs.

Give us a call today at 1-800-STONE to schedule a consultation and start planning your project with us.

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