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A Fire Damage Restoration Company in Pittsburgh PA Can Make Things Right

Once a fire has been extinguished it’s time to evaluate the damage. A Fire Damage Restoration Company in Pittsburgh PA has a solution for every situation. Even a small fire can require major cleanup to make things right. Besides all the water that needs to be dried up and removed, residual smoke and ash can add to the problem. It’s important to get the situation under control before the damage becomes permanent.

Metro Restoration Cleaning Services, Inc. is a major damage restoration company in Pittsburgh PA that has been providing professional cleaning and restoration services for over 30 years. They also offer 24 hour emergency assistance for water removal since waiting can increase structural damage. Their certified technicians are experienced in removing any after fire residue, as well as the lingering odors that have permeated every surface. The technicians will start by extracting as much water as possible to dry out the property. This will help to reduce the possibility of additional damage from rot and mold that a wet environment can cause. They will also work to professionally clean any salvageable items at the same time and if necessary, they will be stored at an off-premises facility until it is safe to bring them back. It’s extremely important to begin the clean up process as quickly as possible before the damage increases or becomes irreversible. For any questions on services offered, or how we can help you, please feel free to contact us.

The longer it takes to begin the cleanup process after a fire, the more costly it will become to restore the structure and possessions within it to their original condition. Fire damage goes further than what can be seen since smoke can penetrate through walls, travel throughout the heating and cooling system and permeate into furniture and draperies. The unseen damage is often the worst because it can leave long-lasting odors if the environment and everything in it are not properly treated and deodorized.

Knowing who to call when an emergency strikes can save valuable time and keep repair costs from escalating. Having knowledgeable professionals on your side can be crucial when filing an insurance claim. If an insurance company requires a detailed report regarding services provided, as well as what contents, were salvageable and what were not, one can be prepared for them.