Advantages of Commercial Asphalt Paving

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Asphalt Contractor

Asphalt is a material commonly used in repairing and surfacing roads and parking lots. It is a black and very viscous semi-solid petroleum byproduct, which is created through distilling crude oil. Its composition makes it an ideal material for both resurfacing roads and filling in cracks. Commercial Asphalt Paving provides a solid surface that is free from joints and quiet to drive on. It’s remarkable strength and sturdiness make it perfect for this purpose. Asphalt is even used for paving airport runways.

In comparison to its competitors, asphalt offers a better product for a better price. It is both sturdier and, typically, cheaper to install than concrete and holds up better in inclement weather. It must be applied while in its hot, liquid form, but because it hardens by cooling into a solid rather than by drying as concrete does, asphalt pavement is ready to drive on quicker as well. In places like Texas, there are fewer restrictions on when asphalt can be laid than in colder climates. Most contractors will only install asphalt pavement in temperatures of sixty degrees or more.

Asphalt pavement can often be laid directly over existing driveways and parking lots, as it is able to fill in small cracks. But, even when it is necessary to rip out existing pavement, this removal process actually forms the most time-consuming aspect of its installation. A driveway can usually be laid in under an hour. The surface will then need about a day to cool and compact before it can be driven on.

Asphalt paving is also completely recyclable. In the United States, over 99% of asphalt is reclaimed for use in new projects, making it an environmentally friendly option. In today’s world of swiftly dwindling natural resources, it’s important to exercise responsibility in choosing construction materials. And, with asphalt, there is no sacrifice of quality.

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