Asphalt Contractors Can Keep Your Home Or Business Looking Great

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Asphalt Contractor

An asphalt is a great option to use on driveways, walkways, roads, and to repair concrete areas that have cracked. Although asphalt smells and looks like tar, it is actually made from crude petroleum after it has been processed. It must be milled and ground before it can be used to fix streets, roads, and other driving or walking surfaces. Asphalt millings are used to repair or repave parking lots and must be mixed with an adhesive to bind them together. Once the millings are put on the surface, they must be rolled to bind them together and keep the surface flat. Millings are used for many residential driveways due to the strength and the limited dust it creates.

Asphalt Contractors can recommend the best type of installation, repair, and maintenance for a driving surface. Roadways are not a good place to use millings, and they won’t last as long as traditional asphalt. A contractor can determine what areas will benefit from asphalt and which ones can use millings. They understand the importance of the adhesive that needs to be used and what will make the job smooth and complete. After installation of millings or asphalt, regular maintenance should be performed.

Sealcoating is a tar-like substance that protects the asphalt from harsh weather conditions, heat, and moisture damage. Asphalt Contractors recommend it be performed every one to three years. It should not be added as soon as the asphalt is installed because the excess oil has to dissipate. This process usually takes about two or three months. The sealant is a protectant to extend the life of the asphalt for many years to come. The sealer takes about 48 hours to dry and shouldn’t be driven on during that time. Sealing and repairing cracks are also very important parts of maintaining an asphalt surface. Small chips and cracks can easily allow water to destroy the asphalt. Oil spots, gasoline, and other fluids from an automobile should be cleaned before they damage the surface.

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