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Avoid Potential Roofing Problems With Quality Northern Virginia Roofing

Living in the Virginia area may seem peaceful and tranquil, but there are still things that the average homeowner needs to be concerned with. For example, leaking windows or faulty siding just to mention a couple, but the biggest problem may well be the roof. In fact, Northern Virginia Roofing has to deal with both heavy storms and winter ice. It can be difficult to determine which one of these two concerns cause the most problem. Ice tends to rate pretty high, perhaps because many homeowners don’t realize that frozen water can cause the roof to fail. The problem occurs because water expands whenever it freezes. This expansion causes the materials of the roof to pull away from each other as the ice separates them. These problems occur with any water trapped under the roofing.

By holding water underneath the shingles, the cycle continues until either the roof is torn off or the failure is repaired. To make things worse, ice under the shingles tends to grow as the problem persists. This is mainly due to the extra space that the freezing ice leaves behind. A leak in the roof will easily allow this space to fill with more water which allows the cycle to continue and damage to spread.

Another real problem with water and the Northern Virginia Roofing materials is wood rot. Wood rots because water is a solvent. This means that it breaks down a part of the lumber that helps to give it strength, the softer wood pulp, and exposes the wood fibers. Damage to the timber usually means the lumber must be replaced which can be a very expensive repair. The whole mess could be avoided with a bit of roofing maintenance and the right roof replacement.

The most common type of roof is the asphalt shingle. This is partly because the asphalt products tend to be more budget friendly than the alternatives. Unfortunately, many asphalt shingles are too thin for the job at hand and only last for a short while. In many cases, the asphalt roof will need to be replaced in about fifteen years. Alternatives such as steel roofing or composite shingles, on the other hand, can provide working lives of fifty years or more. Talk to the experts at Website Domain for further details.

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