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Avoid Roofing Failure With Excellent Roofing Services in Lawrence KS

It is amazing just how much the roof protects the home. One small leak can result in a lot of unnecessary damage if the problem goes unresolved. Of course, the type of damage often determines the seriousness of the problem. For example, a small leak around certain roofing details may not present an immediate concern. In fact, this type of leak may not even be noticed until the homeowner hires experienced roofing services in Lawrence KS to inspect the roof for damages.

Areas where the roofer should include the condition of the shingles or other roof covering, the quality of any visible decking material and the way that water sheds from the building. This last item can be very important. If the water gets blocked along the edges or in the valleys, then a serious problem may occur. Blockages such as this can lead to serious wood rot as parts of the roof become exposed, or the water runs under any shingles. What usually happens in these instances is that the water slowly soaks into the underlying decking and causes it to swell and eventually fail.

The typical roof decking is plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board). Because these two lumbers are man-made products, they tend to come apart easier. This is partly due to the rain seeping into the timber and getting absorbed by the wood itself. As the wood soaks up water, it begins to swell and break any bonds with the resin that binds the materials together. Once this occurs, the wood tends to fall apart very quickly. Roofing Services in Lawrence KS can help by performing routine inspections and examining the structure for faults when a leak does happen.

One great way to prevent rain from damaging the home is to buy the best roof covering possible. This range of products includes a couple of asphalt items known as laminated shingles or composite ones. Alternatives to asphalt include fiber-cement tiles, stamped steel, steel sheets and various other long lasting products. Unfortunately, these materials are only as good as the contractor that installs them. Visit Business Name today and learn more about repairing or protecting that damaged roof.