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How to Become a Land Surveyor – Your Path to a Solid Career

Land surveying is an interesting and exciting career. Contributing to the construction of some of the most important structures in the most intriguing places, these professionals are vital components to modern life moving forward. Interested in becoming a land surveyor yourself? Here’s how.

Start with Education

Most companies that employ land surveyors require their staff to have at least a bachelor’s degree. This is mostly due to the high-tech equipment and higher-level math that the job requires. To ensure you have the proper training for a land surveying career, it’s a good idea to choose surveying as your field of study in college. Many universities offer land surveying as a degree program, so be sure to inquire with yours.

FS Testing

The next step in most states is to pass the Fundamentals of Surveying exam. This is the entry-level examination to show that you are prepared to begin your real-world training on the job.

Licensing through Training

In many states, a person training to become a land surveyor must complete a minimum of four years of training alongside a licensed surveyor to obtain a license themselves. This ensures adequate training and hands-on experience for developing professionals. Be sure to check the regulations of your state before pursuing licensure.

PS Testing

Once you’ve had adequate training, it’s time to take – and pass – your Principles and Practice of Surveying exam. This examination demonstrates a thorough understanding of both the theory and the practice of surveying. This is usually the last step before a surveyor can be formally employed.

Get a Job!

When you’re ready to get a job as a land surveyor in New York City, NY, there are ample opportunities. Companies like Rampa Land Surveying P.C. offer surveyors the opportunity to work n some of New York’s most exciting locations while providing their necessary services to a wide range of businesses and organizations. Give them a call when you’re ready to go to work and contribute to New York city’s ever-changing landscape! You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.