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Benefits of Professional Residential Lawn Care Services

Residential lawn care is very time-consuming and often hard work. In the warm weather, it seems like every time you turn around, it is time to mow the lawn. If you have a small lawn and a lot of free time, this is no problem. However, many people today lead very busy lifestyles, and they have almost no available extra time each day. Yet, when you turn to environmentally friendly lawn care services, you enjoy many benefits. Here are some reasons to consider these services for your home.

What is Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care?

Eco lawn care uses equipment which does not consume gasoline or oil. How is this possible? Your residential lawn care service supplies battery-powered robotic mowers. After installing the guide system, your automated mowers take care of all the rest. At a preset time, they go to work mowing your grass and keeping it looking good.

Easy to Maintain

Every season you should tune up your mower engine, change the oil and filters. Carburetor driven motors can develop a lot of problems after about 50 hours of operation or one season. Automated mowers from your residential lawn care company require very little upkeep and maintenance.

How does it know where to mow?

A robotic mower (for residential & commercial lawn care services) follows guide wires that are installed during the setup process, mowing only where you want it to. It does not go off the path and mow down your beautiful flowers or cut things it should not. You can program your natural lawn care system to cut your grass at the most convenient time for you and your family. For example, if you want to play outdoor games, you can do so in a comfortable environment, and your robot mower does not get in the way.