Carlisle Residents, Protect Your Property From the Next Flood

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Construct Factory

Protecting a property’s foundation and underground space is priority number one for many home and business owners, especially those who live in the flood-prone areas of Ohio. A basement waterproofing membrane is a great solution for protecting against the leading cause of damage to a structure’s underground areas – water.

How Do They Work?

Waterproofing technologies such as membranes can be applied to existing foundations or integrated during the construction process. There are two types of waterproof membranes: sheet-based membranes and liquid-applied membranes. The former relies on placing overlapping water-phobic rolls of membrane over the coverage area and bonding them to create a seal. The latter employs a liquid that cures quickly via contact with air, and the application is seamless.

Basement waterproofing membranes have two main functions. They can prevent moisture from building up inside the space in which the membrane is placed, and they prevent water intrusion. Because the membranes perform a double function, this is an advantage over other technologies.

Complete Protection in a Matter of Hours

Waterproof membranes take little time to apply and just hours to complete their curing process. This means that membranes can be applied or replaced before a predicted severe weather event.

Versatility of Use

If you are considering adding a membrane to your garden, there are special membranes formulated for this use. Membranes that are going to be used in environments where consumables are produced need to be chemically inert. Collecting water in concrete tanks coated with a waterproof membrane is one common example.

Basement waterproof membranes offer long-lasting protection that can benefit both residential and commercial spaces. For private homes in Carlisle, waterproofing the basement could be the difference between keeping and losing family heirlooms, pictures, and memories. For businesses, it could be the difference between keeping and losing valuable capital.

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