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Choosing the best commercial hand dryer

Commercial hand dryers have changed considerably over the years; today, there are more factors than ever that need to be taken into account when choosing the best one for your particular facility. Unlike in the past, today a buyer can make his or her choice on environmental considerations, speed, noise; freedom from maintenance and more.

  • Speed: It wasn’t too many years ago that the fastest way to dry your hands was either paper towels or the legs of your pants. This is no longer the truth. What used to take up to 45 seconds is now down to 10 seconds; not only is a commercial hand dryer fast, it is hygienic.
  • Maintenance: Not dryer maintenance, maintenance of the washroom. A commercial hand dryer rarely requires any maintenance at all, however, when paper towels are used there is the need for constant washroom maintenance. The paper towel dispensers are always running out and as many used towels end up on the floor as in the waste receptacle. Paper towels often end up in the toilets and sinks, making them unusable. None of these issues are of concern with a commercial hand dryer.
  • Cost: The purchase of the hand dryer is secondary compared to the cost of providing a service to patrons over time. Paper towels have to be stored, dispensers have to be filled and waste has to be removed. Over time, these things add up to far more than the initial cost of a hand dryer.
  • Energy: Although a paper towel dispenser requires no energy to operate it, the total cost over years is far more than the cost of powering a commercial hand dryer.

Commercial hand dryers give the best in terms of speed, low maintenance costs; long term operating costs and, perhaps above all, hygiene.