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Discover the Newest Options for Roofing in Omaha

Homeowners throughout the Omaha area are certainly aware of the region’s sometimes harsh weather conditions. Roofing in Omaha is routinely threatened by wind, hail, and even ice. That means older roofs may well be unable to adequately protect homes, but there are ways property owners can reduce their risks. One of the best ways to protect a home is to upgrade an old roof with one of the new roofing materials now available.

Get Advice Early in a Project

While it’s tempting to do a little research and make a quick decision when deciding on roofing in Omaha, it’s far better to explore all the newest options with a roofing expert. Contact a roofer and schedule an evaluation of your home’s needs before making any decisions about updating a home’s exterior. The roofing contractor will be familiar with the newest products and how they can be used on various types of homes. That’s important when trying to keep costs as low as possible while still getting the look a homeowner wants.

Picking the Best Roofing Material Isn’t Always Easy

The most common roofing material today continues to be three-tab shingles, but roofing contractors routinely suggest property owners consider other, more-durable products as well. Premium asphalt roofing is certainly more expensive to install but lasts longer and requires less maintenance than three-tab shingles. That means the long-term costs are frequently lower when a premium shingle is specified.

Don’t Ignore One of Today’s Top Roofing Materials: Steel

In the past, metal roofing was less than ideal for residential structures. However, the newest steel roofing products are stylish and last for many years. Some metal roofing systems emulate shakes, which makes steel a viable option for many traditional home styles. Because steel roofing products are so durable, they may even qualify for insurance discounts. Ask your agent if installing a steel roof would reduce homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Regardless of the roofing material selected, having that new roof installed by a professional is vitally important. The experts understand modern roofing systems and work with homeowners to develop roofing strategies that will protect the home for years to come. For more information or to schedule an estimate for new roofing, contact Lastime Exteriors today.