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Do You Know the Early Signs of Foundation Failure?

Millions of homes across the United States are affected by foundation failure every year. Different regions of this country can have specific geographic reasons for such failures. In any case, there are signs that your home is trying to tell you that it’s basic foundation is falling down on the job. Keeping these signs in mind can help you protect your home before the issue becomes serious enough to need to call foundation contractors in Fort Myers.

Signs to Look For

  • If you begin to notice cracks in the brick, you may have a sunken footing. Look for stair stepping type cracks that run either vertically or diagonally near your foundations corners or closer to the ground.
  • When you walk across your floor does it feel like it’s bouncy or does it creak? If so, the frame of your home may be shifting because of water or foundation damage. You may need to add extra structural support.
  • Have you noticed that your doors and/or your windows are beginning to stick and are harder to open and close? This can be an indication that your home’s framework is beginning to twist due to the foundation failing and water getting in.
  • If you have a lot of moisture or standing water in your crawl space, they can be a very good indicator of foundation failure which can also cause problems with mold and air quality inside your home.
  • If you begin to see cracking in your walls this is another very good indicator that you need to have your foundation looked at by a professional foundation contractor in Fort Myers. The walls can eventually sag and then collapse.

These are just a few of the issues that you should be on the lookout for and if you are noticing these, you should give us a call to get an inspection and a free estimate.