Easily Performed Maintenance for an In Ground Swimming Pool Sacramento CA

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Swimming Pool

Owning an In Ground Swimming Pool Sacramento CA is a huge responsibility. On top of preventing children and pets from gaining access to the pool, a pool owner has to follow state laws and local ordinances regarding residential swimming pool ownership. It also entails maintaining a safe swimming environment for pool users by performing regular pool maintenance. To make this upkeep easier, use the following guidelines.

To make pool maintenance easier, take a bit of time to make a checklist. This list should include the tasks that will be done routinely and intermittently. Hang this list where it can easily be seen. Check off tasks as they are done. It’s also a good idea to purchase enough pool supplies to last for a few months to make pool maintenance simpler. This will keep a pool owner from having to constantly buy pool chemicals and other supplies.

One of the main ways to keep a pool sanitary is to do pool skimming. This involves using a pool skimmer to remove unwanted items from the pool such as dead bugs, animal excrement, leaves, small toys, and litter. These items can accumulate at the bottom of the pool and keep the pool’s circulation system from operating properly. It’s also a good idea to empty out the strainer baskets when this is done. Simply remove them from their positions and empty out all the contents. A garden hose can be used to dislodge remaining materials. Hold a basket upside down. Rinse the basket from the outside. Return the baskets to their positions.

It’s essential to ensure that the water level of the pool is above the strainer baskets. Evaporation and other factors can lead to water leaving the pool. Observe the water level of the pool a few times a week. Use a garden hose to fill it to a correct level. An In Ground Swimming Pool Sacramento CA should also be scrubbed and vacuumed once every week or two weeks. This will help remove algae and calcium build-up that can make the pool unsanitary. For more information on pool maintenance, please talk to an expert at Geremia pool.

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