Eliminate Roof Leaks and Storm Damage With Professional Roof Repair in Silver Spring

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Roofing

A roof is a complex structure designed to protect the home. However, a neglected roof cannot perform this task properly. For instance, a roof that has even a minor leak can let water seep into the decking. Once the decking gets wet, it begins to swell, and this can cause the shingles to cup. A cup in the roofing shingles is the result of the wood decking pushing them upwards. One reason this issue occurs is that many homes use OSB (oriented strand board) as a decking material. This kind of decking uses small wafers of wood held together with a resin. Rain that is concentrated in specific areas will cause small mounds to form that push upwards. Eventually, the decking will degrade to the point the need for Roof Repair in Silver Spring is inevitable.

Some roof repairs are simple jobs like the replacement of a few damaged shingles. Others are much more involved, such as the removal of an aging roof. All asphalt roofing materials will dry out and degrade. The differences between shingles are the quality of the product and the way it is manufactured. In fact, some shingles are rated to last decades, and these are the best solution for long term Roof Repair in Silver Spring. However, the better-quality shingles can be expensive, and this needs to be considered before having the contractor begin the job. Another possible roofing solution is using shingles with a class 4 rating. Class 4 shingles are the best option whenever hail is a problem.

There are alternatives to the typical asphalt roof. For example, some roofers can install fiberglass tiles, clay tiles, cedar shakes, or simulated shakes. Each of these materials provides a uniquely beautiful covering. Alternatively, the homeowner may prefer fiber cement tiles or the use of metals such as copper or steel. Steel roofing is quickly becoming a favorite because the product can simulate almost any other roofing option. Plus, steel comes in a variety of colors and, in certain cases, stamped steel can be installed over an existing roof.

The two roofing materials that are the most durable are slate tiles and copper. Both of these materials require skilled contractors for proper installation, but correctly installed roofs could last for a century or more. Learn more about roofing solutions from the experts at Reliable Roofers Inc.

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