Ensure Reliable Weather Protection With Quality Roofing in Oro Valley AZ

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Roofing

It may be difficult to believe that a home or business in Arizona can have roof issues, but a reliable roof is just as important here as anywhere else. In fact, the arid heat in this wonderful state can be very tough on roofing products and is one of the reasons that certain materials tend to be recommended over others. For instance, clay tile Roofing Oro Valley AZ is an excellent roofing solution because the product is durable. However, clay tiles can be a little expensive, and a poorly maintained tile roof can result in some very expensive repairs.

Expert roofing contractors such as Ralph Hays Roofing can offer an affordable alternative to cement tiles. Unfortunately, there is a difference in the way that cement tiles are installed versus clay. Clay tiles are placed in an overlapping fashion while cement tiles use a tongue-in-groove method. This means that switching to cement tiles will require replacing the whole roof. There are trade-offs with both solutions, However, either choice will provide the property owner with excellent coverage that can last for decades.

Not all Roofing in Oro Valley AZ is the same. For example, many businesses make use of a roofing technique known as BUR or built up roofing. This method of roofing uses a membrane such as roofing felt over the decking that is then coated with asphalt. Multiple layers will be placed as required and the top will be covered with an aggregate such as gravel. One benefit to BUR is easy repairs. Small problems can be quickly sealed while larger concerns can be eliminated with additional layers of membrane and asphalt. Care is required, however, to ensure that the weight of the roof does not exceed the capacity of the supporting structure.

No matter which type of roof is installed, it is important to have it inspected regularly. A thorough roof inspection can locate problems such as leaks or damaged shingles. This is especially important with older roofs because the heat from solar radiation can result in cracks. The frequency of roofing inspections may vary since newer roofs need to be checked less often than an aging one. Property owners need to check the structure after every major storm, and an expert should examine the roof at least every five years. Please visit website for more details.

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