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Five Common Standing Seam Roof Tools

Roofing contractors need to be able to install efficiently all types of roofing. Cost-effectiveness is also imperative. A roof must be completed within budget. With standing seam roofs becoming more common, this entails making sure you and your crew have the right standing seam roof tools.

Types of Standing Seam Roof Tools

Tools to address the specific needs of standing seam roofs are essential if the job is to be done properly. Having the right tools at hand ensures you can faultlessly install this type of roof. Among the necessary tools you should have at hand are:

  • Double Lock Metal Roof Seamers
  • Drip Edge Benders
  • Drip Edge Seamers
  • Driver Bits
  • Eaves edger
  • Metal Snips
  • Hand Seamers
  • Plastic Wedge Hammers
  • Rivet Tools and Rivets
  • Seam Opening Pliers
  • Seaming Pliers
  • Single Lock Seamers
  • Tile edger

However, one of the most important standing seam roof tools is the anchor. It is a tool for ensuring roofers can safely construct, repair and maintain a standing seam roof.

Standing Seam Roof Anchor

A standing seam roof requires a special anchor. It is specifically designed for this type of roof. Models come in permanent or reusable models. A roof anchor is included as a component of roof construction to allow roofing and other contractors to safely work on roofs. The specially designed standing seam roof anchor provides an anchor point for safety device attachment. It ensures roofers can perform the necessary work safely without damaging the roof. This double multi-purpose makes this roofing tool the most important in any toolbox.