Four Kinds of Fireplaces You Should Consider

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

If you’re thinking about installing a fireplace in your home, it’s no wonder why. It’s a fantastic investment in the value of your home, but even if you aren’t putting it on the market, you can reap an array of benefits. Personal enjoyment of the warmth and aesthetic is certainly not the least of these. It can be overwhelming, however, to see the sheer number of options available when you are shopping for your fireplace. If you are unsure of which one to choose, consider these four popular models.

Open Hearth Traditional Style

An open-hearth fireplace is a popular choice for a reason. It offers the most classic look, and it’s been around for many years. Its longevity has allowed its form to be perfected, so the models you see today are truly top quality. You can usually choose either brick or stone, and many people love the fullness of the experience. Expect to hear crackling wood and smell it burning as you enjoy this type of fireplace.

Gas Built-In Fireplaces

Fireplaces that burn gas rather than wood offer a different experience, but they have plenty of advantages. They are usually cleaner than their wood counterparts, less expensive and warmer. Gas fireplace installation in Muskegon is also easier than hearth fireplace installation. It’s a great option for anybody who wants the comfort of an open flame without the soot and mess that wood often creates. You may choose from either vented or ventless styles for a gas model.

Ethanol Burning Fireplaces

In addition to wood and gas, you can enjoy a fireplace that is powered by ethanol. This option has emerged as a popular choice due to its simple installation and range of available styles. The model itself is completely odorless and clean, but it tends to provide less warmth than other types. Nonetheless, it is more environmentally friendly, and this is appealing to many people looking for a new fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are imitation fireplaces in some ways. There is no open flame, but they offer much of the same comfort and experience you would enjoy from any other kind of fireplace. They are the most affordable of all options as well as the easiest to install. You may be able to control it with a remote control in order to set the heat output and flame effect. You can also usually turn the heat off but keep the flame effect going in order to maintain the ambiance. Visit the website for more information.

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