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Getting Help From a Kitchen Designer in Pittsburgh

If you are planning a kitchen upgrade or makeover project in the near future, consider these handy tips from some of the leading kitchen designers in Pittsburgh:

1. Eliminate wasted steps. Layout the kitchen for the way you use it and keep items stored and located near places where you use them, so you’re not walking all over the kitchen during meal prep or clean up.

2. Use wide walkways. It is important to give enough room to move around the kitchen freely, especially if family meal prep is your thing and there is more than one person in the kitchen most of the time.

3. Direct traffic. Think about the way people walk around the kitchen and consider avoiding handles and knobs that can easily snag clothes when people pass by.

4. Watch the doors. Think about the way cabinet doors swing out and think about how much space is needed to walk through open doors and drawers easily and safely.

5. Choose microwave location wisely. If there are kids in the home and you want them to be able to use the microwave to make their own snacks, then place it where they can easily get to it.

6. Determine the island’s function. Some islands are best for meal preps, and others are used as the place for the family to eat, and some use the island as a place to socialize during meal prep.

7. Consider storage: Adding as much storage space in the kitchen will help keep things clear and uncluttered and give you more functional work and entertainment space in your new kitchen.

To put these and other tips from leading kitchen designers in Pittsburgh into action, visit business name today and see how they can help you!