The Importance of Professional Commercial Snow Removal in Boonton, NJ

by | May 22, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Many business owners, especially those with small businesses, attempt to clear their parking lots, walkways, and entrances to save money on seasonal maintenance. What they do not realize is that Commercial Snow Removal in Booton NJ is often more cost-effective. It is also important to many aspects of the business. The first savings for the owner is time. Operating a business is a full-time job without having to worry about clearing snow and ice. A large storm may require snow removal in the morning, afternoon, and overnight. Sending staff outside to help clear walkways or make sure the entrance is salted will also take time away from serving customers and stocking shelves. An experienced company with the latest equipment can remove snow and ice quickly and more efficiently

A maintenance contract for Commercial Snow Removal in Boonton NJ provides cost savings for the business. Most service providers will offer a discount for snow removal when a contract is signed because they are guaranteed business for the season. By the time business owners buys a plow for the truck, a snow blower or two, a variety of shovels, and salt or sand for ice, they have probably spent more money than the contract price. There are also costs throughout the season, such as more salt and sand and gas for the blowers. Professional companies save money by purchasing salt and sand in bulk. That also ensures they will not run out of those elements, which is possible when purchasing it by the bag at a local store.

It is important to hire professionals to get the job done before business hours begin to minimize interruptions. Many companies plow and clear snow overnight or in the early morning hours so the area is ready when the business opens. If a business owner is still plowing the parking lot at opening time, customers will simply drive to the next store.

Professional services also drastically reduce the risk of liability for businesses. Customers, clients, employees, or tenants are more likely to slip and fall if the snow is merely pushed out of the way. Experienced snow removers will completely clear the space for increased safety. Applying the right combination of salt and sand makes ice melt faster and provides better traction on slippery surfaces.

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