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Is a French Drain Installation in Chatham, NJ, Really Necessary?

If ponding is a problem around your home or you have sinkholes in your yard, the French drain is an ideal fix. A typical drain is installed below a property’s grade and in areas where water usually pools, allowing water to flow into the designated drainage area. Here are three reasons to invest in French drain installation in Chatham, NJ.

What is a French Drain?

A French drain is a subsurface drainage system that directs water from your yard to a drainage area. It comprises a perforated four-inch drain pipe and a filter fabric. A typical French drain installation in Chatham, NJ, involves digging a trench, lining it with filter fabric, and filling the bottom with gravel.

The perforated pipe is set on top of the gravel, and the trench is filled with drainage rock. Afterward, the filter fabric is folded over the rock and covered with sod or soil.

Addresses Water Problems

If your home is on a slope and water often collects in low-lying areas, a French drain can help channel the water and alleviate the ponding problem. The French drain, working in tandem with other drainage systems, the French drain can prevent a soggy lawn and wet basement.

Saves You Money

The cost of a French drain varies depending on project size and complexity. However, this drainage solution can prevent costly water damage and protect your home from flooding.

Boosts Your Home’s Resale Value

Improving your home’s drainage can make it attractive to buyers and increase its resale value. Buyers will appreciate not having to address water issues once they purchase the property.

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