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Could Your Kitchen Benefit From a Tin Backsplash in Long Island NY

Remodeling a kitchen is a big undertaking. Lots of decisions need to be made before work can start. Most people are prepared to choose a certain type of cabinet or a certain material for their countertops. But many don’t realize that there are several options when it comes to the backsplash. Today, homeowners are starting to see the benefits that come with adding a Tin Backsplash in Long Island NY.

Adds Interest to the Look

No one wants to remodel only to find that not much has changed in the kitchen’s appearance. If space needs some texture or it could use some additional interest, a Tin Backsplash in Long Island NY is a great choice. Commonly found in Victorian homes, it can create a look reminiscent of the past,or it can be incorporated into a modern style. Regardless of the look of the rest of the kitchen, the backsplash is sure to get the attention of people walking into this portion of the home.

Offers Lots of Customizable Options

Not all tin backsplashes are the same. Instead, there are tons of ways to customize the look, the texture, and even the style. In addition to the tin color, there are other hues that can complement the other parts of the kitchen. How would a copper color look in the space? Would the backsplash look better with a coat of paint on top of the tin? The possibilities are endless.

Easy to Clean

Having a new kitchen is great, but homeowners are going to wonder what it takes to keep this area clean. With a tin backsplash, the surface is easy to clean. Whether it is spaghetti sauce or broth from soup, it takes just a quick wipe to remove the mess. When the time comes to give the kitchen a good cleaning, a mild cleaner can be used to wipe down the surface of the tin, leaving it looking brand new.

Do you imagining what your new kitchen would look like with a tin backsplash? Contact Abingdon Construction to learn more about this and other options that can enhance your remodel project. There are multiple ways to customize the space, giving you a functional and beautiful area to cook meals and gather together as a family.