How Leaf Guard Gutters Can Improve Your Life

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Roofing & Restoration

Although many people might take their gutters for granted, gutters actually do a lot of heavy lifting. They can keep water away from the base of your house, which prevents your house from falling apart. But over time, gutters are subject to the same wear and tear time bestows on all things: clogged leaves, standing water, or ice blockage. Luckily, by using gutter protection systems, you can improve your life and make your gutters last longer and work more effectively. Here are some ways a leaf guard gutter system can make your life better.

Reduces Mosquito Births

Gutter guards are first and foremost the enemy of water, and by extension, the enemy of mosquitos. They keep water from falling around your house’s foundation, as well as keeping water from staying stagnant in the gutters themselves, by using the suns heat to evaporate water. Because water doesn’t stand a chance around these gutter guards, mosquito eggs don’t either. Mosquitos need to lay their eggs in standing water that lasts for more than four days. With gutter guards, you can prevent mosquitos from laying eggs and proliferating. Not to mention that mosquitos can carry harmful diseases, and by stopping their birth, you can keep your family members and neighbors safe.

Halts Mold Growth

Without gutters, water would simply fall off the roof and collect around the house’s foundation. Rainwater collecting at the base of your house is a perfect breeding ground for fungus, algae, or mold. Mold can be particularly harmful to your house’s structure, as it can eat away at the wood and other materials that hold up your house. Additionally, mold can cause respiratory issues to the folks living inside who breathe in that air. Luckily, a leaf guard gutter system can allow water to freely flow down the spout and away from your house. Because the system uses a sealant, it can prevent water from leaking as well, keeping your foundation dry and mold-free.

Prevents Ice Dams

During the winter, your house’s heat can rise through the roof and melt the snow that sits on top. That water flows off the roof and into the gutter. Gutters without protection that have become clogged with snow and ice just because of the winter weather aren’t able to let that melted snow-water drain. That backed up water can then soak into your roof shingles, causing water damage to your roof, structure, or dry wall. Leaf gutter guards can keep that snow and ice away from the gutter proper, sitting above it, which can allow for the melted snow in water form to flow freely down the gutter and away from your house.

Leaf guard gutters can keep you free from mosquito bites, mold issues, and leaky ceilings. An overall life improvement, indeed. For more information, visit the website.

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