The Many Advantages of Newer, Bigger Energy Efficient Windows in Lexington KY

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Adding Energy Efficient Windows in Lexington KY to walls where there aren’t any windows brings in more natural light to the home. If this isn’t possible, the contractor may be able to replace some smaller windows with larger ones or models that extend beyond the exterior wall. For instance, bay, bow and garden windows could replace flat windows. Even if the new ones are the same frame size, they will still capture more light because of the extra glass.

Numerous Advantages

Energy Efficient Windows in Lexington KY that replace old products help increase the comfort of the home, and also reduce heating and cooling costs. Glass that has the ability to effectively block high amounts of more harmful ultraviolet light rays protects furniture, window treatments, wood floors and carpeting from fading. Drapes and curtains can deteriorate remarkably over the years when bombarded with sunshine pouring in through old single-pane windows without today’s level of protection.

Privacy Glass

In some rooms, the household residents may keep blinds, shades or drapes pulled much of the time in an effort to maintain privacy. Obviously, that does not let sunlight in and keeps the room somewhat darker. They might consider having windows with privacy glass installed in these spaces by a contractor such as Affordable Exteriors. Block windows or those with translucent frost are two possibilities. The window treatments can be drawn back, allowing light to stream in but nobody outside to view the interior of the room.

Increasing the Home’s Value

Newer windows and more sunshine coming in increase the value of the home as well. Real estate agents speak of how delighted prospective buyers are when they walk into a bright, cheery kitchen or living room. The sale becomes easier when space is bathed in natural light.

These types of changes can turn rooms that feel like caves into much more inviting areas. Even when the view isn’t spectacular, the extra footage for window glass still makes a difference in the interior appeal of the home. Anyone interested in learning more about the possibilities may request an estimate from one or more home improvement contractors.

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