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Is Metal Roofing in Rochester, MN the Best Solution for Your Needs?

In the past, metal roofing wasn’t really considered an option for residential roofing. The typical galvanized metal roofing was unattractive and tended to rust after a few years. While used extensively for agricultural applications, most homeowners chose other roofing options. Today, Metal Roofing in Rochester MN is attractive and has become an option virtually any homeowner is willing to consider.

Check Out the Many Styles and Colors

While verticle panels remain the most common metal roofing choice, homeowners looking for value and longevity are encouraged to explore other metal roofing options as well. Newer Metal Roofing in Rochester MN mimics the look of slate roofing, tiles, and wood shakes. That means there are styles readily available to match most home styles commonly seen in the Rochester area.

Metal Fits Any Roof Style and Slope

Roofing experts routinely recommend metal roofing products for even the most complex roofing constructions. The products are trimmed to fit any slope or valley and work on everything from relatively low slope to very steep roofs. Homeowners with any questions are always encouraged to discuss a specific project with area contractors well-versed in metal roofing products and their many advantages.

Discuss Return on Investment

In most cases, metal roofing costs more initially than the shingled roofs so commonly seen in the area. However, metal roofing products last far longer than shingles, meaning their true cost tends to be lower. Maintenance is also minimal for metal roofs, with occasional inspections recommended to spot problems with flashing or other peripheral installations. Insurance carriers love metal roofs because the likelihood of storm or fire damage is significantly reduced. In many cases, carriers offer discounts for homes with metal roofs. If you’re unsure if your insurance company offers a discount, give them a call and ask.

If you’re currently building a new home or considering replacing a roof on an existing home, discuss all the roofing options available before simply deciding to use composition shingles. Of course, metal roofing isn’t the only other option, so look at each available product before making a decision. If you’d like more information or would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, contact Steve Gentry Construction today.