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Do You Need the Services of a Roof Company in Tucson?

While you do not have regular downpours in Tucson, you do have monsoon rains – heavy rains that can worsen a problem with a roof leak. Therefore, you need to be well-protected in this respect. Those heavy rains also come with high-speed winds – winds that can damage tiles or cause problems to emerge on flat roof designs.

Contacting the Right Roofer

Therefore, you need to contact a roofing company in Tucson that is knowledgeable in this respect. Select a company that is familiar with concrete and clay tiles and knows how to competently fix flat roof damages. For instance, there is a major difference between clay and concrete tiles – namely the price. However, both are solid and dependable building materials. Clay is more expensive because it is mined and not manufactured like concrete.

Making a Color Selection – What You Should Know

A roofing company that regularly installs tiles adds concrete tiles using a tongue-and-groove system and installs clay tiles using an overlay design. Because clay comes from the earth, its color will be based on when it is mined. On the other hand, you can choose concrete in one of some colors. Usually the hue is mixed with the concrete when it is made.

According to roof company executives, concrete tiles are featured in one of three designs – flat, S-shaped, or Mediterranean. Clay tiles are featured in S configuration or two piece tapered designs. While a tile may be a tile, there is a difference when it comes to tile styles.

Take a Closer Look Today

If you would like to know more about tiles for your Tucson home, you can find out more details when you visit the website with all the information about tiling in Arizona. Make sure that you are well-protected against monsoon winds and rains, and choose a roof that is as durable as it is attractive. Contact Ralph Hays Roofing For more information.