Obtaining Restaurant Permits in Orange County

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Remodeling

The process for obtaining restaurant permits in Orange County is specific, and approval must be in writing before any construction, renovations, or changes can begin. A food facility permit is non-transferable, so if the establishment changes location, name, management, or ownership, a new permit has to be approved. Significant changes to the menu, operations or equipment also require a new permit. A restaurant or bar that wants to set up a booth at a local event will need an additional permit since the original one is non-transferable. Three sets of plans have to be submitted, inspections have to happen at different stages of the project, and corrections have to be made if requests for permits are not approved. That process is just for the Health Department.

Plans have to be submitted to, and approval granted by, the Fire Department, the Industrial Waste Bureau, any zoning boards, and a separate permit has to be obtained for the sale or storage of alcohol. It takes a lot of time and effort to get restaurant permits in Orange County. Business owners who are new to the industry, not aware of the scope of the safety codes, or are taking over an existing business, can be subject to penalties, fines, and closures if all permits are not obtained prior to any work starting. Time and money can also be lost on delays and corrections. Finding an experienced design, construction, and renovation company that can handle all the paper work will save time and money, and allow owners to focus on other aspects of opening a restaurant. There are interviews to conduct, marketing to organize, equipment and decor to purchase, and many other arrangements to be made besides getting permits.

Complete services, full knowledge of current codes and regulations, and the capacity to work on projects of any size, scope, preference, and budget makes opening or renovating a restaurant much easier for owners and managers. Large scale restaurants, bars, sandwich shops, coffee and bake shops, diners, and multiple locations are just a few examples of projects completed by experienced companies. Services for franchises, for example, include project management, interior design, new construction, complete renovations, facade upgrades, building from outside architect designs, and grease trap installations and replacements. other commercial establishments have also been completed. Those interested in complete services from initial design to getting permits, completing construction, or making renovations can Visit Orchid Construction for free estimates and free consultations.

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