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Putting Off Roof Repair Will Cost You More Than Money

You need two roof inspections per year, and you should never put off Roof Repair St. Augustine no matter what. Putting it off leads to additional issues that can prove more costly. You can endanger your entire home and your safety by putting off repairs. Let’s look at some common roof failure issues.


Leaks happen because of a lot of factors. The roof can have holes from HVAC installations, satellite dish installations, incorrectly installed flashing, a sagging roof and other issues. When you have a leak, this can cause problems with your decking, exterior damage, structural integrity, water damage, mold damage and increased risk of pests in the home.

Structural Damage

Structural damage is a scary thing to happen to a home. It causes more risk than people realize. Everything depends on the structural components of your home because they all work together to stay upright, encourage ventilation, prevent ice dams, keep the home upright and more. You want to avoid damage to have other surfaces of the home because the problem will continue to get worse.

Mold Damage

Mold damage quickly follows water damage. Any problem with the roof can lead to a leak. Mold damage can begin in as little as 24 hours from the time excess water enters the home. Once this happens, mold will continue to spread in the home. Some mold is toxic. Even if mold isn’t toxic, it can trigger asthma flare-ups, rashes, sickness-like symptoms and other issues.

Don’t wait to get your roof repair St. Augustine, and don’t put off a new roof installation if it’s time.