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Reduce Maintenance Costs and Carbon Footprint With Hand Dryers

For a facility manager, keeping an active and busy public restroom clean can be a big challenge. There are also large expenses associated with stocking paper towels and periodically emptying the overflowing wastebaskets. Another consideration is that paper towels use up precious natural resources and clog landfills. Bathroom hand dryers have a slew of advantages over paper towels with few if any downsides. The latest models are small, efficient and powerful, are easy to install and are quick and simple to use for the customer.

Reduce Maintenance

Paper towels require a large amount of maintenance. The towels need to be ordered, inventoried and stored. They need to be stocked on a nearly daily basis, and the wastebaskets have to be emptied multiple times each day. They are labor intensive, which can cut into a company’s bottom line. On the other hand, hand dryers require little maintenance. They can be installed quickly and easily, and once they are in place, they require minimal upkeep. In fact, maintenance costs can be reduced by upwards of 90 percent when switching from paper towels to bathroom hand dryers.

Lower Carbon Usage

Another major advantage of electric hand dryers is that they use very little energy, especially if purchased from a company that uses advanced technology. The most efficient dryers use 3X less energy than comparable hand dryers that are labeled as “green.” Not only does this save the company money on energy costs, but it also reduces the amount of carbon that is put into the air, an important consideration when it comes to keeping the environment healthy for humans and animals.

As importantly, the manufacture, distribution, and disposal of paper towels come with a high environmental cost. For the conscientious facility manager, this can be a deal breaker. Paper towels use a lot of water and energy in their production, and of course, they result in fewer trees in the world. About 17 trees are needed to produce one ton of paper towels. In comparison, air dryers use very little resources and can be used for many years.

Eliminate Worries

One or more hand dryers in a public restroom will help restore order to the facility. The days of waste bins overflowing and towel holders being empty are over. With bathroom hand dryers a facilities manager can rest easy knowing that customers have a simple way to dry hands and that the area will be clean. The machines also reduce maintenance costs and are good for the environment.