Repair or Replace That Damaged Roof Using an Experienced Roofing Service in Nashville Tennessee

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Roofing

A leaking roof can do a surprising amount of damage. For instance, the water that seeps under the shingles or around roofing details such as vents or flashing can quickly saturate the decking used to hold the roof in place. Moisture in the decking can lead to various other issues, and one reason for this is that most types of roof decking are an engineered wood such as OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood. These products are very reliable as long as they remain dry, however, once the wood starts to absorb water it quickly begins to swell. Solid wood usually begins to decay in these situations, but engineered lumber just breaks down. Damaged roof decking normally requires an experienced Roofing Service in Nashville Tennessee to replace it.

Shingles are placed in overlapping layers. When the decking gets wet, it can swell, and this issue happens with either OSB or plywood. The swelling may be a separation between the layers of the plywood, or it might appear as a bubble in either type of man-made decking. Bubbles in the wood can push the shingles upwards so that they resemble an upside-down cup. Minor cases of cupping look like small bumps in the roofing and may not be an immediate risk if the leak is small. However, a large bow or separation in the decking could move the shingles so much that leaks develop around flashing or attic vents.

One of the more common reasons that people seek out a Roofing Service in Nashville Tennessee is old shingles. Most roofing shingles are made with asphalt, which can dry out after years of use. Dried shingles can crack or peel away from the roof during high winds. Replacing the damaged or missing shingles tends to be a waste of money because the remaining ones will eventually need to be replaced. Modern shingles will usually fare better because they are designed to survive decades of harsh weather. Composites like the laminated shingle use additional materials so the shingle is thicker and a lot more durable. Alternately, the property owner may opt for a roofing solution such as fiber cement tiles or formed steel sheets. Steel roofing can be a great choice because most manufacturers warrant the material for at least fifty years. Learn more about roofing solutions at website

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