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Several Ways to Use Tile to Give Your Home a Fresh Appearance

Tile is a truly amazing material to use in interior design. It has the power to totally transform a space into something totally different. If you truly want to inject some life into your floors and walls, you should seriously consider tile. Take a look at the following suggestions to learn how tile can give you the look you’ve always desired.

Doubling Up

One tiled surface is usually enough, but adding two is even better. A well-used trick for bathrooms and kitchens is to employ two different types of tile for the wall and floor. For example, you may choose to tile one wall with a classic, neutral looking tile. Then, you can add a splash of color to the room by going with a bright design for the floor. This creates a chic look that gives a lot of warmth and style to the room. If you are interested in this styling, start by consulting tile distributors in Brooklyn. You’ll have no trouble getting recommendations to pull off this look.

Backsplash Designing

Most kitchens have some form of a backsplash. Yet, what most kitchens don’t have is a stylish, yet functional backsplash. You can place your home in the latter category by making creative use of tiling. Try creating a unique shape for your backsplash by placing the tile in different formations. No one says you have to tile a backsplash in a boring, rectangular shape!

Give It Some Glam

Metallic tiles are becoming more and more popular. Tile distributors in Brooklyn know all about this trend. You may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, these reflective, mirror-like surfaces make even the most plain kitchens seem glamorous. You’ll instantly see your living space transformed into something you’d expect to see in a fancy hotel. It is a rather easy step to take to give your room a serious wow factor.

Making It Work

When it comes to using tiling, the options are practically endless. Be sure to make a plan of attack to create the most attractive design possible. Tile distributors in Brooklyn have a wide range of options that can make the planning process a whole lot easier.

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