Six Tips for Hiring a Foundation Repair Team

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Construction and Maintenance

Spot foundation issues around your property. Knowing the signs will help you recognize potential problems. It also gives you time to find pros to help you inspect your foundation.

Test Windows and Doors

If several of your doors and windows get stuck often, it could be a foundation issue. If there’s a shift in your foundation, that means it’s now unstable. This could distort the shape of the frames, which is why your doors and windows are often jammed.

Check for Sagging Ceilings or Floors

Warped floors or ceilings are big red flags. They indicate problems with your foundation. If you want to resolve the issue, hire a trusted firm that offers foundation repair in New Orleans, LA. Calling a professional is a smart choice. DIYing a solution, especially if you have little knowledge, tools, or skills isn’t ideal. Let an expert take care of the task.

Investigate the Musty Smells

Poor foundation could lead to excess moisture getting into your walls or property. The musty smells could be mildew or mold caused by leaks in your basement walls. Fixing your foundation can prevent all those problems or keep them from happening again.

Look for Mold

Inspect the property for any signs of mold. What’s the source? A trusted expert from a foundation repair service shop will know what to do to identify the source of the mold and nip the problem in the bud.

Factor in Gaps

If there are gaps between your exterior and interior wall, that means the foundation could be pulling them apart. Even worse, the gaps could let in moisture and animals into your walls and home. You could end up with structural damage in your home in the long run.

Inspect Bowed Walls

Are any of your walls beginning to bow? It could be another sign that you need foundation repair.

The foundation repair team of Patterson Shoring possesses experience in shoring homes in many different regions and environments and can ensure a lasting solution to the structural integrity of your home. Visit the website for more information.

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