The Benefits of Asphalt Sealing Services in Atlanta, GA

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Paving Contractor

The condition of a well-used sidewalk, driveway or parking lot won’t stay good for very long if it isn’t taken care of. Many people believe that they don’t have to think about these things once they are installed, that they were meant to last a lifetime. However, this just isn’t the case. Regular care, including Asphalt Sealing Services in Atlanta, GA, is going to be necessary to keep any asphalt looking good over the course of time.

Weather and Asphalt

Any type of weather impacts the life-span of asphalt. Hot weather can cause it to dry out slowly and spiderweb cracks will start appearing throughout the surface. Although this doesn’t impact the structural integrity of the asphalt, it doesn’t look good at all.

Constant rain can wear down areas of any asphalt, but especially pavers and sidewalks installed in squares. Over time, this can become a tripping hazard, and if it’s on company property, the company can be held responsible for any injuries.

Another issue that can occur from the weather is water getting under the asphalt. Much like a house, asphalt surfaces include a foundation that provides it with structural support. If water gets into this area, then the asphalt will begin to dip and crack and eventually break away altogether.

Traffic and Asphalt

Foot traffic won’t have as much impact on asphalt as cars and trucks do, but it can still wear down a surface and cause dings and cracks. For parking lots and driveways, vehicles driving over the areas repeatedly will erode the asphalt over time. This can lead to visible damage that is unsightly and possibly unsafe.

Extend the Life of Asphalt

One way to extend the life of asphalt is by having it sealed annually. It’s important to note that well sheltered, little-used areas are not going to need annual sealing from Asphalt Sealing Services in Atlanta, GA. They will still need to be sealed from time, but a visual inspection should be able to determine when it’s time. An annual sealing on high traffic areas helps to reduce the spread of cracks and prevent water seepage. It also keeps the asphalt looking good too.

Before your asphalt starts looking bad, have it inspected, as it’s possibly time to get it sealed. Get a free estimate from a sealing service after an inspection and get your asphalt surfaces looking new again.

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