Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Waterproofing in Washington DC

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

In the United States, a little less than half of all homes have basements. They are useful for storing personal belongings, it can protect your family from some natural disasters, and costs much less than above-ground rooms per square foot. It’s time to learn about basement inspection in Washington DC, as well as other basement-related tips and tricks.

Do You Smell Musty, Damp Odors?

Mold, as you probably know, loves moisture. Basements are likely to harbor mold and mildew even when the tiniest of water leaks spring into being. If you notice these smells, you should first search for mold; immediately afterward, see what you can do to waterproof your basement.

See Any Brown or Gray Splotches?

These are indicative of water stains. Obviously, water stains don’t come out of thin air. If you see water stains, consider hiring a professional basement waterproofing service provider.

The Easiest Way to Waterproof Your Basement

Mild, barely-noticeable signs of water leakage in your basement is usually best dealt with through applying interior sealants. These are easily applied and cost next to nothing.

Here’s the Most Effective Means of Waterproofing

The best way to waterproof your basement is actually not to use sealants. Rather, building interior water draining systems effectively moves incoming water out of the house in a prompt manner. Make sure to first perform basement inspection in Washington DC to determine that this more-costly method is ideal.

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