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Things to Know About Retaining Walls in Waukesha WI

Children may see retaining walls in various place and never understand what those structures are actually for. The layers of flat rock or other materials on a slope look decorative, but kids don’t realize the wall is functional too. As adults, if they buy sloped land, they may finally realize that they need retaining walls in Waukesha WI to hold the soil in place. Otherwise, that soil might wash down the slope during heavy rain or gradually erode over time. The purpose is to act as a dam, but the dam holds back ground instead of water.

Once someone discovers the usefulness of Retaining Walls in Waukesha WI, that person may want to hire a landscaping contractor such as Outdoor Living Unlimited to construct a few of them on the property. One wall might be set up as a decorative and functional border between this lot and the adjacent one. Another could create a border for a patio, while a third would border a flower garden or vegetable garden. Landscapers have a multitude of ideas about how to work these structures throughout a property. They build the walls so rainwater can drain out through the bottom; otherwise, the land can become saturated during wet times or when the snow melts.

If the lot has an extreme slope over a large area, a retaining wall can prevent the earth from washing down onto a municipal sidewalk or even the street. Some homeowners decide to have grass planted in an effort to stop this from happening, but it’s difficult to mow that type of slope. The layers of flat rock or concrete make the situation more convenient and easier to take care of.

Of course, some occasional maintenance will be necessary. If the layers of hard material are installed to look like a natural land feature, weeds can grow in between the layers. People will probably want to pull those or use herbicide to eliminate them. It’s common for these natural walls to begin accumulating mossy growth, but homeowners often like the way that looks. To prevent this type of plant growth, landscapers can install solid walls made of stone or brick.