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Three Important Services Performed By A Maryland Roofer

Homeowners who want to keep their roof in the best condition possible can schedule various services with a roofing company. By hiring a professional to perform these services when necessary, a homeowner will have a dependable roof for many years. Read the information below to learn about three important services that a homeowner can expect from a qualified Maryland Roofer.

Roof Inspection

It’s important for homeowners to have a routine roof inspection by a professional roofer at least every two years. If there’s been high winds or hail in the area, homeowners should schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. While performing an inspection, a roofer will examine the entire roof and look for shingles that are curled up at the corners or missing. The roofer will also look at the amount of granules that are still attached to the shingles. The inspector may look inside the home for any indication of water leaks from the roof or cracks in the ceiling. To complete the inspection, the professional will also look at the condition of the fascia, gutters and vents.

Roof Repair

When there are a few shingles missing from the roof or other minor damage, a roofing company can make the necessary repairs to the roof. When there’s any type of roof damage, it’s best to have the repairs done as quickly as possible. Small repairs can turn into larger ones if a homeowner doesn’t take action in a timely manner.

New Roof Installation

Roofs will wear out over time and when they do homeowners can contact a qualified Maryland Roofer for a new roof installation. Signs that tell homeowners they need a new roof include several missing shingles, granules inside the gutters, bent or broken shingles and roof leaks. If the roof is over 20 years old, it’s also time for a new roof. Homeowners who aren’t sure about the condition of their roof can contact a roofing company for an inspection.

Maryland homeowners who need a roof inspection, repairs or a new roof installation can contact Reliable Roofers Inc for exceptional service. This company also provides additional services for homeowners including window replacement, power washing, siding repair and deck weatherproofing.