Three Innovative New Building Materials in Danbury, CT

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Construct Factory

Many of the building materials in use today have been around for centuries. Wood may have been the earliest of these, but it was only the beginning of a long history of innovation. Concrete and bricks were soon invented. Glass followed closely behind, and steel eventually entered the mix as well. While all these materials have made names for themselves in the world of construction, they may have some competition on the horizon. A few newly developed Building Materials in Danbury CT stand to revolutionize the industry.

Translucent Wood

This isn’t a typo; translucent wood has been invented. Explaining the science behind it could take days, but simply stated, a great deal of chemistry goes into its manufacturing process. Before long, this material could begin to appear in windows, solar panels and a wide range of other applications. It’s capable of providing privacy while letting in light, and according to some sources, it’s fairly cost-effective to produce.

Luminous Cement

It seems a new take on traditional cement has made its way into the construction field. This modern spin on an old classic is capable of absorbing light during the daytime and emitting it in the dark. Night clubs, garages and retail stores may never be the same again, and sidewalks are sure to be quite a bit safer and easier to find once this material goes mainstream. Of course, plenty of other applications for luminous cement are bound to arise as well.

Cigarette Butt Bricks

By some accounts, more than 1.5 billion pounds of cigarette butts are added to the world’s litter pool each year. Thanks to a great deal of ingenuity, though, they can now be filtered out and used as Building Materials in Danbury CT. Bricks made from cigarette butts are lighter than their traditional counterparts and said to be highly energy efficient. At the same time, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to simply allowing used-up filters to enter the Earth’s sewers, landfills and water sources.

These newly developed building materials aren’t exactly part of the common rotation just yet, but they certainly have the potential to be. Find more information about these and other revolutionary construction materials via various online sources, and consider all the possible uses for them in the future. Some are practical while others are more decorative, but they’re all sure to be interesting.

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