Three Tips for Spotting Storm Damage to Residential Roofing in Joplin MO

by | May 28, 2020 | Roofing

If you live in an area that gets strong winds and storms, you should regularly check the roof of your home for damage after the storm has passed. Damaged roofs can cause leaks in your attic, roofing can be blown off, and strong winds can stress the roof until its structure may be compromised. Here are three tips for spotting storm damage to your roof.

Inspect the Roof

By examining your roof, you can usually spot damage from wind, hail, and rainstorms. Unless you have a ladder tall enough to reach the roof, inspect the roof from the ground or from windows that overlook it. Shingles or roofing that are turned up at the corners or raised at the edges is usually an indication of wind damage to residential roofing in Joplin MO.

Look on Ground

You may also spot granules from roofing or shingles that have been torn off the roof and are laying on the ground. If it has hailed recently, then your roof may show signs of granules or shingles that have come off or left dark spots on residential roofing. If you have wood shingles, look for cracks, splits, or missing roof sections.

Examine Inside

You can go into the attic to check for residential roofing damage as well. Missing or lifted roofing can cause water to leak into your home, which can often be spotted on the walls of the attic. There will be dark streaks on the walls and it may smell musty due to mold in the wall insulation.

If you spot problems with your roof, you need to contact a professional roofing company to repair or replace it. Go to Falcon Roofing to find out about making an appointment to have the roof of your home inspected and an estimate done to repair or replace it.

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