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Tips For Hiring A Qualifying Landscape Company

For commercial property managers, working with a qualifying landscape company provides a great many benefits. Not only are these professionals able to save time and money on even large-scale landscaping projects, but they can provide irrigation systems as well as ongoing maintenance all through a single service provider.

As a qualifying landscape company, Yellowstone Landscape has extensive experience in providing commercial landscaping services across the South. This includes throughout Florida, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Texas. Our services include the following areas of specialization that are particularly important to our commercial customers.

Optimal Plant Selection

Careful selection of plants for commercial landscaping is critical. Choosing the wrong plants or the incorrect plants for the amount of sunlight, the soil conditions and the amount of water can add substantially to the long-term landscaping costs for any property.

With our experience, we can provide any type of garden or grass required that can stand up to the heat of the summers and the wet weather that is a hallmark of the winter seasons in the south.

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

One of the reasons we are selected as the top qualifying landscape company for many commercial properties is our focus on environmentally friendly practices. This allows our team to recommend and implement that best and most effective fertilization, weed and pest control as well as irrigation systems for a given location.

Through the choice of drought-resistant plants, trees and grasses we can also assist any commercial property in the reduction of water usage, which is an essential consideration for LEED-certified properties.

Expertise in Creating the Desired Visual Impression

Our designers, horticulturalists and installation teams work together to develop a unique plan for any landscaping requirements. This provides the ideal landscaping solution for very large properties as well as smaller commercial green space. To find out more, contact us today at 877.785.6685.