Top Reasons El Dorado Hills CA Homes Need Epoxy Garage Flooring

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

For most homes in El Dorado Hills CA, the garage is used for much more than just storing vehicles. It is a place to work on cars and trucks as well as seasonal equipment such as boats, motorcycles, and ATVs. It is also a woodworking shop, a place to make repairs and a space to just hang out and relax.

The weather in the state can make it difficult to find a good garage flooring option that can stand up to all these uses. The cold winters and wet spring and fall months create problems with untreated concrete in the form of surface erosion, cracking and chipping.

One of the most effective types of garage flooring options used throughout the state is professionally installed epoxy flooring. This is not the same as the do-it-yourself kits sold in hardware stores, and it offers true, lifetime flooring that does not lift, peel, flake or discolour.

Full Sealing Ability

To protect the concrete from exposure to water, including the risk of having ice form in the pores of the concrete and create pitting and surface irregularities, the use of epoxy garage flooring in El Dorado Hills CA, is highly recommended.

Unlike other types of garage floor coatings, the commercial grade epoxy bonds with the surface of the concrete and does not simply dry on the surface like paint. This means no lifting, even with hot tires, creating a durable and reliable full seal on the floor that prevents any water from penetrating to the concrete.

Stain Resistant

In a busy El Dorado Hills CA garage, accidents are going to happen. There can be spills of chemicals, paints, oils, vehicle fluids or a range of other types of materials. With epoxy garage flooring in El Dorado Hills CA, these spills are easy to wipe up with a dry cloth or, if needed, with a damp cloth.

Without any penetration of the surface by the spill, there is no staining with this type of flooring. In addition, professional installation can include the addition of a UV protectant to the final coat, preventing any sun discolouration and keeping colours true for a lifetime. Visit Innovative Concrete Solutions for more information.

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