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Tree Service in Fort Myers, FL, to Battle Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Infestations

Contractors providing residential tree service in Fort Myers, FL, help customers battle infestations by insects that can be fatal. One example in this part of the country is the hemlock woolly Adelaide, a relative of the aphid. The bugs harm hemlock trees by drinking the sap.

Symptoms of Infestation

Property owners may first notice white clumps on the underside of twigs and needles. These clumps may resemble cotton or snow. If these white areas go unnoticed, the next and more obvious symptom would be needles becoming discolored and dropping from the tree.

Climate Issues

One problem in this region is that freezing temperatures are rare. Destructive insect populations are not dramatically reduced over the winter, as happens in colder climates. That reduction in population makes infestations more manageable.

Saving the Trees

Workers with a residential Tree Service in Fort Myers, FL, tackle this project by applying pesticide as well as horticultural oil. Customers may need to have the technicians apply the oil this in spring, summer and fall if the infestation of adelgids has become large.

Hemlocks will benefit from the correct amount of fertilization and watering since that strengthens these plants and makes them less vulnerable to damage from infestations. Fertilization can also be completed by the tree service technicians, who know precisely how much to add and where to put it. They can advise the property owners how much water to add during dry weather conditions. Contact Johnson’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding, Inc. for more information.