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Understanding The Vital Role Of Landscape Maintenance For Commercial Properties

Landscaping is a wonderful way to add to the aesthetics of any industrial or commercial property. With the current emphasis on creating green space in communities as well as in commercial and industrial areas, companies are turning to commercial landscapers to plan and install lawns, shrubs, trees and even flower beds.

It is common for companies to make the assumption landscaping, once installed, is basically a “takes care of itself” addition to the property. In reality, continuing to use the landscaping service for ongoing maintenance is the best way to maximize your return on investment with a beautiful outdoor space all year round for years to come.

Specific Needs of the Landscape Design

Different components of the landscape will have different ongoing landscape maintenance requirements. For example, lawns will need feeding, watering and weed control to continue to thrive. The trees will need fertilizing, pruning and monitoring for early signs of possible insect or disease problems.

Flower beds and shrubs will also need weeding, pruning, and management throughout the year. Through a specific plan designed for the property, the trees, grass and ornamental gardens can continue to thrive for many growing seasons.

Reducing the Cost of Replacement

Failure to keep up with landscape maintenance requirements will result in ragged grass growth, weed infestations, insects and disease problems and overall poor growth of grass, trees, and plants. When this occurs over several growing seasons, the affected area of the grass, gardens and the trees and shrubs will die.

Removing the old, dead items and replacing them with new will cost more than simply providing year-round, routine landscape maintenance. At top commercial landscaping company can develop a schedule of maintenance for the outdoor space to work with the property as well as the budget.