Use Affordable, Quality Commercial Roof Contractors In St. Charles, MO

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Roofing

Roofs get damaged, wear out, and need to be replaced. Some roofs can be repaired to extend their useful lives. When a roof can no longer be made viable with repairs, it must be replaced. A roof must be properly prepared and installed to function at its best.

Using cheap materials or careless installation practices will result in a roof that soon fails. Hire Commercial Roof Contractors in St. Charles MO who use well-trained roofers and top-quality materials for a roof that lasts longer and performs at a high level. Remember, one good roof is less expensive than two cheap, failed roofs.

Roofing Preparation

Local governments have rules about how many layers of roofing can be built up. The best practice is for all the old roofing material to be removed. Then, the roof sheathing, which is usually plywood or MDF sheets, can be inspected for rot or other damages and repaired. A new layer of asphalt roofing felt paper or the newer roof underlayment products will be applied using 1 1/4th inch roofing nails.

Then, the roofing shingles or other roofing material is installed according to the manufacturer’s directions. All chimneys, vents, valleys, and other breaks in the roof sheathing will be sealed. The roofing shingles or other materials must overlap the drip edge of the roof. When the new roof is completed, it should form an unbroken waterproof shield against the weather.

Roofing choices

Commercial roof contractors in St. Charles MO will come to the building to inspect the roof and give the building owner a bid for work and materials. There are several different roofing materials to choose from. The roofing contractor can help the building owner choose the correct material. Some roofing choices include rolled roofing for flat roofs, shingles, metal roofing, and other materials.

Other Products

Many roofing contractors carry other exterior products as well. Some of these include siding, windows, doors, and gutter systems. Some exterior contractors such as Affordable Exteriors also offer sunrooms, screen rooms, and decorative fencing. Older homes with bad roofs may also need new windows or siding that can be supplied and installed by the same contractor as the roofing. Visit us for more information.

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