What a Waterproofing Contractor in Natick, MA can do to Waterproof a Basement

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Waterproofing Systems

Basements can be very valuable spaces in the home and, unfortunately, the spaces are often underused. Many times they’re not used properly because they’re not prepared for the type of use that homeowners might need. For example, if a basement has a significant problem with excess amounts of moisture, that could significantly diminish the usefulness of the space. Fortunately, with the right waterproofing contractor in Natick MA any moisture problems could very easily be a thing of the past.

However, it is important to understand that waterproofing a basement could be rather involved. The fact is there are many approaches that might need to be taken to control the level of moisture in the basement to allow it to be a useful space for an individual or family.

Many times, moisture problems can be solved by sealing cracks in the floor and the walls of the basement. Sometimes, covering these sealed cracks with a waterproofing paint is an excellent way to significantly reduce moisture levels inside of the basement.

However, there are times where significant amounts of water are coming through the walls, and this could indicate the need for exterior waterproofing of the basement walls. This is perhaps one of the most involved methods of waterproofing that a contractor will have to carry out.

In this case, a Waterproofing Contractor in Natick MA will have to excavate around the home to expose the basement walls. From this point, the basement walls will be properly cleaned and repaired if necessary. Once this work is done, waterproof membranes will be attached to the exterior of the walls, and the dirt will be replaced.

In addition to this, drainage systems will need to be installed and the gutter system will need to be repaired. This will ensure that the maximum amount of water is moved away from the basement walls during the rainier times of the year.

Not every situation will call for such drastic measures, but there are situations where this has to happen. If you are having issues with water in your basement, whether it’s high levels of moisture or standing water, it’s important to address this issue with a professional. To learn more about what a waterproofing contractor can do for you, browse our website for more information.

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