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What are Your Options For Residential Roofing in Jupiter, FL?

A new roof is likely one of the most expensive projects a homeowner will face, so it is vital they ensure the right contractor and materials for the job are selected. There are many options for residential roofing in Jupiter FL, and making a decision is not always easy. It is important homeowners review their options and learn all they can so they can make a sound decision for their home’s needs.

After a homeowner has found the right contractor for their roofing replacement project, it is time to consider the materials.

 *     Composition shingles, most often referred to as asphalt shingles, are one of the most cost-effective methods of replacing a roof. This material is popular among many owners because it is less expensive than many options and offers twenty years of protection, though they will need maintenance and cleaning from time to time to prevent algae and moss growth. Composition shingles average about $2 to $4 a square foot.

 *     Wood shingles and shakes offer a beautiful alternative to composition shingles even though they are more expensive. These types of shingles are ideal for dry climates and can last as long as fifty years if they are properly maintained. The main drawback of these shingles is they are not fire-proof unless they are specially treated. If these shingles are installed in wet climates, they will need to be cleaned periodically. Wood shingles and shakers cost around $5 to $12 a square foot.

 *     Although metal roofing was once considered a material for barns and other farm buildings, it is quickly growing in popularity among home and business owners because it is less expensive than some materials. Depending on the type of metal, these roofs can last up to fifty or sixty years and cost $4 to $11 a square foot.

 *     Clay tiles are primarily found on Spanish-style homes but can be used for any home structure. Because they are so heavy, the wooden structures of the home must be built to support the weight. These roofs can last up to fifty years and cost an average of $5 to $11 a square foot.

Talking with a roofing contractor about these options can allow a homeowner to make a wise decision for their residential roofing in Jupiter FL. Those who would like to get more information should call a contractor right away to get started.