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What Property Owners Need to Know About Roof Installation in Columbus, OH

When work needs to be done on a roof, the property owner must take care to choose a reputable roofing contractor. However, most individuals don’t know much about roof installation in Columbus OH. As a result, certain things should be known up front and following are three of these things.

Require a Written Proposal

This document is of great importance during roof installation in Columbus OH. It details everything that will be done as part of the project, including the materials used, the warranty, and the payment method. Furthermore, the document needs to explain the warranty offered by the roofing material manufacturer as well as the warranty offered by the contractor. The labor and material guarantees should both be found in this paperwork.

Verify Licensing and Insurance

Don’t take the word of a contractor when it comes to their license and insurance. This information should always be independently verified by the property owner, even if the contractor provides documents as a means of proof. The only way a property owner can ensure both the license and insurance remain in effect is to check with the proper authorities and the insurance carrier.

Never Pay Up Front

While a roofer may request a deposit before purchasing materials, the entire cost of the project should not be handed over before any work begins. In certain cases, a contractor will request that payments be made as the project progresses. For example, one-third of the bill may be due upon signing of the contract for the purchase of materials, another third may be required once the work begins, and the final amount is due when the job is done and the homeowner has inspected the roof. Some roofing companies don’t require any payment until the project is complete. The property owner needs to determine what he or she is comfortable with when it comes to payment.

Keep the above factors in mind when choosing a roofing contractor. Doing so protects the property owner in the event something goes wrong during the job. Browse our website for more information on what to take into account as this decision is made. One can never have too much information when it comes to maintaining the property, and the site is of great help in providing information on this important task.