What Should Homeowners Evaluate When Purchasing A New Roof In Oklahoma City?

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Roofing

After storms and major disasters, homeowners in Oklahoma could need a new roof. These replacements require the homeowner to evaluate possibilities thoroughly. After all, several factors could affect their choices and cause issues if they make the wrong selection. A new roof in Oklahoma City area requires careful consideration by the homeowner.

The Framing and Support of the Property

The type of framing and support contributes to issues when choosing a New Roof. For example, if the property owner wants an elegant choice such as slate, they must determine if their property can withstand the weight of this installation. A roofing contractor could evaluate the framing and support of the property to determine if this the right choice.

The Slope of the Existing Roof

The slope of the roof determines if adequate water drainage is achieved with the existing roof. If the slope of the roof affects how rainwater flows away from the property, it needs additional materials to improve the drainage process. This could lead to the need for extra materials and increase the total cost of the installation.

Is the Existing Roof Covered Under a Warranty?

If the existing roof was covered under a warranty, it might cover a portion of the cost of the new roofing. The homeowner should review the warranty to determine what services are available to them. However, if it isn’t covered, they should assess their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Assessing Cost and Worth

If the roof costs more yet provides the most benefits, the cost is worth it. The homeowner should review the potential costs of maintenance and repairs over a ten year period. If the added investment helps the homeowner avoid further costs, they should consider spending more initially. However, the homeowner should base their decision on their budget.

Storm damage could lead to the need for a new roof. When this happens, the homeowner should evaluate options to determine what choice provides them with the most benefits. Their assessment of these options should present them with the right choice based on cost and worth. Homeowners who need a New Roof in Oklahoma City should contact a roofing contractor now.

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