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What to Consider When Hiring a Crane and Rigging in Jacksonville, FL

Renting crane and rigging equipment is often a crucial step in many projects. Crane and rigging gear help you move heavy materials and equipment around construction sites. Before you hire for crane and rigging in Jacksonville, FL, here are key factors
to be considered.

The Scale of The Job

Because there are different types of cranes and rigging equipment, you need to choose a combination with specific properties and lifting capacity. Hiring the wrong combination can force you to pay unnecessary additional costs for returns and replacements. Think about the weight that you would want to be lifted and hire the corresponding crane.

Consider Licensing and Safety Requirements.

Working with crane and rigging equipment can be dangerous. Since you will be lifting heavy objects, any accident can cause severe consequences. Therefore, before you hire these services, confirm that the operators are licensed and mindful of safety

Terrain Of Worksite

Different crane and rigging machines are adapted to different terrains. Therefore, as you think of hiring these machines, you should consider the terrain and site condition. Is your terrain even or rugged? Does the worksite contain concrete, grass, or rubble? This information can help determine what type of crane is best suited for your job site’s terrain.

Hiring Cost

The budget is another critical consideration you can’t ignore. Crane and rigging machines are priced differently. Most renters will consider lifting tonnage, type of crane, and location as variables for pricing their cranes and riggers. You need to evaluate your budget and go with the crane options you can afford.

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